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We can build a cafe that provides healthy food by donation, that offers wellness, social connections & community

Our Mission is to empower our guests by providing access to nutritious foods wellness education & in socially engagement environment.
Our Vision: To create a community where all people have access to nutritious meals, good health and social connections.    

The cafe doesn't have an owner
in belongs to the community

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The Problems

Lack of Access To Affordable Healthy Food

  Overall: Over 38 million Americans (11.8 percent) lived in households that struggled against food insecurity, or lack of access to an affordable, nutritious diet. This represents a 9 percent increase from 2019.

Shocked mature man looking at store receipt after shopping, holding a paper bag with healt

Lack of Healthy Lifestyle Tools and Skills


 According to a report written by a panel of national nutrition experts, a lack of knowledge on nutrition can negatively affect our health in the long run. In fact, they claim that poor nutrition is the leading cause of illness in the US


Lack of Social Support

Social support groups can impact and influence your attitudes and behaviors. If your social group tends to value exercising or eating nutritious foods, you will likely be affected by these views and actions. A study from Bingham Young University found that people with social relationships live 50 percent longer than people who are more socially isolated. 

A Supportive Hug

Lack of Healthy Lifestyle Skills


Wellness Program that provides health education- cooking skills-healthy food- group support setting


~Doretta P

My experience in the program has been extremely positive. I hope more people can learn about it and participate. Learning to eat healthy food and sharing weekly with others in this group has encouraged me to try other plantbased recipes and offer these foods to my family. Thank you to the volunteers and sponsors for offering this program"


Danielle M.

Started to eat more vegetables and whole grains and whole foods as opposed to ultra a processed food. Learned to make the most out of the ingredients and make meals that last for several days and can be added to other meals.

Sharilyn L

 The Feast Program was a very impactful learning experience. We were provided all the necessary tools to eat healthy, learn about nutrition and to also share the information with are family and friends. Being a part of the Feast Program also gave me a safe space to talk about my eating disorder and ask questions with no judgement.

Middle Eastern Food

A Store Front Cafe

Nonprofit Community Cafe that is open to the public serving nutritious meals by donation. All people are served, regardless of means. A gathering place that brings the community together to dine, connect and give back.

How You Can Help

Food Donation Volunteers

Ways To Donate


Become A Volunteer

Watch for Fundraising Campaign
Coming in OCT 2023

"Build It, They Will Come,
They Will Thrive"

Hear From Our Community

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Marian R.

Harmony Cafe has been instrumental in the Covid response in our community, providing food to those in need. The leadership is inventive, creative and flexible.

Caryn Wayne S. 

Harmony Cafe is so generous helping me and others in our community. We appreciate it so much.

Louise Paone R. 

I follow thus group on FB since the pandemic and I am so impressed by the work they have done during these difficult times for the hungry in our community.

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