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First one in Patchogue

Harmony Cafe (a non-profit organization) has joined forces with the newly formed group, The Sharing Tables of NY. The Sharing Tables of NY was founded by Mary Kate Tischler of Seaford after reading about the concept in a magazine.

The concept is so simple yet the impact is tremendous! Anyone can do it; you get a table and you leave food, toiletries and cleaning supplies. I have even seen people leave out clothes and other useful items. You can set the table up in front of your house or business. Some people leave it out 24/7; you can make up your own hours. The table should not be patrolled, its purpose is to go by the honor system. Plus, you are respecting people who may not want to be witnessed seeking help. The Sharing Tables of NY will supply you with their sign for a small fee. You can contact Mary Kate and she will arrange it for you. She will also put you on her map for the public to view.

On Thursdays, Harmony Cafe engages in food outreach – we have changed our model for aid during the Covid-19 crisis. We have hosted food drives, grab ‘n’ go sites, and free local food deliveries.

We are now moving toward offering plant based soups and meals. We use a new model – Buy 1, Give 1 known as the BOGO Program. When you donate $10, 2 soups or meals are given, one for you and one for a person in need, which is how we cover the costs for a person who needs our help. We believe all people deserve healthy food, and now more than ever!

The meals program will launch within 2 weeks. You can preorder through our website: The soup program started in November 2020 and can be ordered now on our website.

We believe that adding a sharing table would work perfectly with our outreach. This will be the first one in Patchogue and we ask you to join us! We hope to encourage others to do the same. We want to see Patchogue full of tables that are open 7 days a week. The demand for help has more than doubled since COVID-19 hit.

We are also in need of donations to fill our table, so we are asking for your help. Please write to us for the list of items that are needed at

Harmony Cafe's practice is to join forces with other groups and organizations. Working together has always created a bigger impact!

If you would like to find further information about the tables, please contact Mary Kate at The Sharing Tables of NY on Facebook. If you are ready to start your own table, contact her at 516-784-7879. Thank you for your support!

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