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Meet Our New Blogger, Tatiana Gnuva

Meet Tatiana Gnuva

I am French-American and graduate from Columbia University in May of 2023. I am extremely passionate about food insecurity issues. I took several classes in college about food inequality and the consequences of public policy related to food in the United States. I also majored in Human Rights and History in college and am very interested in humanitarian issues and contributing in any way I can. As a history major and a writer and editor for different reviews at Columbia, I have experience writing and analyzing public policy topics. I look forward to having the opportunity to raise awareness about food injustice and food insecurity through writing for the Harmony Cafe.

I have interned at a non-profit called Met Council in New York. I helped operate food pantries across the city and distributed food at the different social housing buildings serviced by the organization. I was responsible for volunteer recruitment and organized outreach to increase sign-ups for different volunteer events. I also did a summer internship in Cuba where I learned about sustainable agricultural practices and planted different species vital to the protection of the ecosystem such as mangroves. I have been a writer and editor for several reviews and have recently had two articles published, one in Cambridge University's student review, CEE Affairs Review, and the other in Columbia's graduate human rights review, RightsViews. Additionally, my 5000-word essay was selected as the winner of the 2023 Human Rights Essay Contest by the Human Rights department at Columbia.

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