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Meet Our New Blogger, Shilpa Joshi

Meet Shilpa Joshi

Shilpa has a diverse background that spans the finance industry, including roles at investment banks where she worked as a project and program manager, leading crucial strategic initiatives. She channels her creativity and passion for food through a vegetarian Indian food blog she runs. She's gained expertise in recipe development, writing, food photography, and search engine

Optimization, allowing her to share my love for food with a wider audience.

Shilpa firmly believes in the unifying power of food—it transcends cultural boundaries and brings communities together. That's why she is thrilled to contribute to the mission of enhancing food accessibility and education, which are vital cornerstones of a thriving community. I have a passion for food and believe it is a source for coming together. Food is a universal connector, and community cafes can foster a sense of belonging and be a driver for change.

I'm excited to have an opportunity to support the cafe's mission of building food accessibility and food education which are important foundational keys to a community. Please check out Shilpa's Instagram Blog page @some_indian_girl

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