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Community Garden-Volunteers Needed

Spring is finally in the air and to celebrate we are starting a Harmony Café community garden!

Harmony café is a local non-profit organization, and our mission is to promote health and serve nutritious meals to all the community, regardless of means.

In collaboration with the Patchogue Community Garden this new endeavor promises to be an excellent way to eat local, seasonal food and learn more about growing your own food. We will grow vegetables to go into our plant-based meals which will distributed to those in need in the community. And volunteer gardeners will be limited amount of vegetables that they help grow!

We care about the health and well-being of our local community and an ideal way to boost energy is to come together to learn some new skills and spend time outdoors, breathing in some spring air at last! While helping a worthy cause.

Vegetables grown at a local community garden are healthier. Once picked, fruit and vegetables they are bursting with important nutrients. We plan on not

including any artificial stabilizers or pesticides so they are 100% organic with high welfare standards.

Thanks to this community garden we can further contribute to improving our community’s health and to the sustainability of our local environment. We would love your help.

If you have gardening experience and would like to get involved, we can really use your help. We do not have any experience gardeners currently. If you have NO gardening experience but you would like to join us, enjoy the great outdoors, and contribute to the community we would love to have you too! ; please get in touch! please send us an email at or call 631-510-5903

The garden is located on 380 Bay Avenue, Patchogue. We will work together to create a schedule that works for you, and it can be as flexible as you like. We do ask that you commit to at least 2 hours per week, if possible.

We do plan to add a social element to the garden group, like meet up lunches and meetings at the garden. You are not required to attend; however, it is encouraged.

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