Our mission is to serve high-quality and nutritious meals based upon pay what you can pricing. In a socially engaging environment that encourages all people to dine together.  




We envision a community in which all people have access to high-quality, locally-sourced nutritious and affordable food. In a socially engaging environment that inspires a healthy mind, body, and spirit, united as one community. 



  • Trusting our customers to be inspired, honest, and fair in their exchange of money and/or time for the food we prepare both mindfully and in a heartfelt way each day.

  • Ending Food insecurity by building human capacity and not encouraging dependency. Welcoming all members of our community.

  • Providing living wages for employees and job-training skills for those who want to move into other areas of the food industry (at our permanent location). Wellness programs that improve the health of our guests. 

  • Serving local, organic-when-possible, and unprocessed fresh food. This promotes good health, supports farmers, and promotes environmental sustainability.

  • Paying for food for at market value except for donations of first-rate, high-quality food from local sources.

  • Giving people the opportunity to give back to the community and Café through volunteerism.

  • Practicing green, sustainable and compassionate business operations.

  • Implementing best practices for nonprofit organizations and restaurant operations.

  • Eliminating waste in the food industry.



​Harmony Cafe is based on and a proud member the established nonprofit restaurant business model developed by the One World Everybody Eats Foundation (OWEE)

Harmony Café is unique in the lack of a set menu as well as set prices. A donation system is available for patrons to pay what they feel their meal is worth as well as what they can afford to give.


Our philosophy is that everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy food while being treated with dignity. Food will be paid for at market prices and donations of first-rate, locally grown produce and other foods will be accepted.


Currently, there are more than 60 community cafés operating in the US and abroad. Here are just a few:

Grace Café, located at 219 S. 4th Street in Danville KY, is a nonprofit, pay-what-you-can community restaurant committed to serving delicious, fresh, locally-sourced, organic-when-possible, highly-nutritious food for everyone in our community regardless of their ability to pay.

This is a half-hour documentary about the organization One World Everybody Eats, which focuses on building pay-what-you-can Community Cafes. The film was directed by Justinian Dispenza and edited by Tanner Presswood.

Tel: 631-372-0227

Email: info@harmonycafeli.org

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