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                     On 9/8/21 at 6:30pm on Zoom we will be introducing our New Program


Join Us to learn about our new Feast program. If you would like to attend the program or maybe even teach our program. This Zoom meeting, will give you all that information. MUST SIGN UP TO ATTEND THE ZOOM MEETING. 

Our New 12 Week Feast Program
Starting in the fall, Patchogue and Hauppauge locations. We are hosting a pilot program first! on 9/28 in Hauppauge 6 to 8 pm for 8 weeks, ending on 11/16/21. 

The FEAST group is a safe, supportive environment where individuals and families come together to work on relationships with, and belief systems about, food and health. Each two-hour meeting is separated into two halves. In the first half, participants learn skills to help them navigate a challenging food environment in a healthy manner. The second half is a group discussion where each person has the opportunity to share about their personal struggles and successes along their journey towards health.

-Group Support Setting
-Nutrition Education 
-Food Demos
-Food Box of Healthy Food 
-Human Connection
2 Hour Each Week

The program will be offered free to the public. This is a need program. Priority given to low income and for people with health issue/s. 

Training is going to be offered in two ways. We will explain. 

Our teacher volunteer positions is also posted on