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Our Food Partners

Our Food Partners


Heart Beet Farms

Heart Beet Farms provides us our delicious weekly soups. HeartBeet Farms makes available local grown, nutritious produce and farm to table, plant-based soups. They also teach kids about how to make healthier choices through our virtual vegetable education. And teach local farms and product business owners how to strategize and grow their businesses.

Long Island Cares

Food Sponsor of the Feast Program

Founded by the late Harry Chapin, Long Island Cares, Inc. brings together all available resources for the benefit of the hungry and food insecure on Long Island and, to the best of our ability, provides for the humanitarian needs of our community. Our goals are to improve food security for families, sponsor programs that help families achieve self-sufficiency, and educate the general public about the causes and consequences of hunger on Long Island. Our vision is “A Hunger Free Long Island”.

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