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Toastgiving Thanksgiving Dinner


Please call 631-730-8775 If you need a meal. We will do our best to get you a take-out meal. 


Harmony Cafe and the Toast Coffeehouse of Patchogue is honored to host our

4th Annual Free Thanksgiving Dinner Event

DATE: 11/22/22

 TIME: 6 to 9 PM

                                             LOCATION: 46 E Main St, Patchogue, NY 

The event is free for those that are in need a helping hand at this Thanksgiving. If you are a frontline worker, you are also invited to attend. The event is limited, and you must make reservations because of food count purposes. We are getting a lot of requests for takeout meals. We understand there is a need for takeout meals because of illness and other issues. however, this is a dinner event and is designed to be a dining experience with live music. We have to limit the take-out orders, if you have any questions or what to inquire about take out, please contact us at or 631-730-8775

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